You like games like Minecraft?

You know that there are more Minecraft-like games out there, right?

A lot of them are stuck in a really early stage of developement but some are ready to ride and quite a funny expierence!

So, if you love games like Minecraft you've come to the right place (... in a future near you).

As a member of the "Blockliebe"-faction myself, which is best translated as "blocklove" or "love for blocks", I'll show you interesting games besides the dominating Minecraft.

Hope you enjoy your stay. Check back for updates from time to time.

There's always someone out there trying to write the next big blocklove-game, so this site might get certain updates.

Hopefully, I'll have enough time soon to enhance this site above pure links. We'll see!

Some links refer to a german linuxgaming site called

Why? Because I like those guys. My personal digital natives one could say. Don't worry, all the links you need are on the right beneath "website".

I'll let this in for future use (for myself):

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Thanks for visiting, have a great day!